• Sarah & Rob

    "The Romantica Bali dress was the first dress I tried on and I completely fell in love with it. The dress is so flattering with beautiful detail and was perfect for getting married abroad. It made me feel like a princess I felt so beautiful in it, unlike anything before!"

    Sarah and Rob got married 17/07/2015 in Cancun.

    She wore Romantica Bridal design, Bali and purchased her dress from The Bridal Rooms in St Helens.

  • Jannica & Antti

    "When I went dress shopping, I had no idea what I wanted, not a clue. I tried on 5 different dresses, Periwinkle was the second one I tried. It was completely over my budget (wich was supposed to be minimal...)  but something in my head just clicked. I had to try it on. When I had to take it off, I knew. I had just decided to blow my budget, I had no choice, I wanted to get married in this dress. And that decision was propably the second best decision about the wedding, the first one being the decision to marry my husband."

    Jannica and Antti got married 15/05/2015.

    She wore Silhouette Bridal design, Periwinkle and she purchased her gown from Pop Wedding in Järvenpää, Finland.

  • Donna & David

    "Ever since i was a little girl ive loved the 1950s , music, fashion and way of life so a t-length dress was at the top of my search . I also researched into my body shape and what would flatter my apple shaped figure and delighted a fit n flare with accentuated neck line would best suit! It was the 1st and only dress i tried on , i cried as i twirled around and not one alteration was needed!"

    Donna and David got married on 02/05/2015.

    She wore Romantica Bridal design, Bali and she purchased this from Wedding Belles in Alness.


  • Fiona & Chris

    "I wanted a classic, timeless wedding dress that would look good in photos in years to come. I tried on 20 dresses before finally finding the Belinda gown, with it's beautiful, beaded bodice and A-line skirt.  I felt fantastic when I put it on and could tell by my friends’ reaction that it was the “one”."

    Fiona and Chris got married on 25/07/2015.

    She wore Romantica Bridal design Belind and purchased her gown from Lily Oliver in Hereford.


  • Anna & Simon

    "I wanted a simple, elegant and comfortable dress for our autumn wedding and after trying on dozens, which I just didn't feel comfortable in, I tried on this dress. I loved its simplicity, the beautiful fabric and the way it fit without restricting my movement. It felt special and just didn't want to take it off!"

    Anna and Simon got married on 01/11/2014.

    She wore Romantica Bridal design, Augusta with a lace bolero and she purchased her gown from The Bridal Emporium in Exeter.

  • Eve & Josh

    "From the very first try of this I dress I was in love! It gave me goosebumps and gave me a confidence I've never had before! It was everything I'd ever dreamed of but never imagined I could wear! Perfection! Because I love you in Farnworth were amazing I never would have looked at a dress like that through lack of confidence but as soon as I put it on I cried with how good I felt!"

    Eve and Josh got married on 25/07/2015.

    She wore Romantica Bridal design, Gemini and purchased her dress from Because I Love You Bridal in Bolton.


  • Sarah & Richard

    "I had tried on lots of dressed before the sales assistant brought in the Hayden Romantica dress. I knew as soon as I put it on that I would not find anything else as special. The beadwork was beautiful and the dress made me feel so wonderful (plus it made everyone cry!). I took it off and immediately felt lost, I couldn't wait to wear it for my big day! My dress was a dream come true and my husband thought I looked stunning."


    Sarah and Richard got married in August 2014.

    She wore Romantica design Hayden and she purchased this from Tickled Pink in Doncaster.

  • Clare & Jamie

    "Als meine Augen sofort das Kleid auf dem Bügel gefangen, musste ich sie anziehen Mit Blick auf den Spiegel trägt ihr , füllte ich dann, als ich ihren Namen sagte - 'Janice' - ich konnte es nicht glauben - meine Mütter. Name sie war es - keine Zweifel darüber Simple & elegant ich fühlte mich wie eine Prinzessin! Schwer zu erklären, aber ich sicher, dass ich konnte nicht warten, um sie auf den großen Tag zu tragen wusste!"

    Clare und Jamie bekam in Oktober 2013 geheiratet, und sie ihr Kleid gekauft von Cherish Braut in Northwich .

  • Rachel & Tom

    "Das Rochelle Kleid war tatsächlich das erste Kleid, das ich sah, als ich anfing, auf der Suche nach Kleidern und ich mich sofort in ihn verliebt. Wir schauten uns um, aber keiner verglichen. Das Kleid war einfach wie die Prinzessin Kleid, das ich davon geträumt. Es hatte gerade die richtige Menge an bling und war nicht zu in Ihrem Gesicht. Es hat mich wie eine Prinzessin für den ganzen Tag zu spüren."

    Rachel und Tom bekam März 2014 verheiratet , und sie ihr Kleid gekauft von Cherish Braut in Northwich.

  • Sarah & Rob

    "Nachdem mein Hochzeitskleid in einer Größe 16 bestellt, ich verlor dann 3 Stein! Ich das Kleid geliebt vorher aber mit der Gewichtung Ich fühlte noch einer Prinzessin in ihn verloren, bevor ich mein Kleid hatte ich eine Vision, und mein Kleid war genau das, was ich träumte davon war in jeder Hinsicht perfekt. Ich fühlte mich erstaunlich und ich könnte sagen, mein Mann liebte es von der Art, wie er schaute mich an, als er zum ersten Mal sah mich an unserem Hochzeitstag! Danke Romantica, dass du mich wie ein Gefühl Prinzessin auf der größte Tag meines Lebens!" Sarah und Rob bekam Mai 2014 verheiratet und kaufte ihr Zeta Kleid von Brautboutique in Blackminster.