Maid Mayhem

11 Okt
Maid Mayhem
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Choosing your bridesmaid style, colour, accessories etc can be a total nightmare! Your Maid of Honour hates the colour, your other bridesmaid feels fat and the other is panicking that she will fall over in the killer heels as she heads down the aisle. There is an easy solution though... mix it up!

Combine styles
Why choose only one style when each of your bridesmaids are all totally shapes and heights and each one has worries about different parts of their bodies (even though we know they always look gorgeous to us!). Try having different designs which combine beautifully and you will have happy maids and a look which is totally modern and ditches to uniform tradition of weddings past.

You can include straps, strapless, halters, sweethearts, ruching and well just about anything you could ask for in a bridesmaid dress minus the kitchen sink and everyone is super happy! Combining styles also allows each bridesmaid to keep their individual style and well that's why we love them in the first place! Give it a go!

Combine colours
This has to be one of the most fun maid trends around at the moment. Combine your colours  and create ombres, pastel explosions or just match it up to your favourite things (yes, we have witnessed a wedding colour combination based on Marvel superheroes!). However, you want to combine your colours it is a great way to keep things personal and tie together your whole theme.

You can really try out so many different combinations and each stockist keeps a pack of swatches for our bridesmaid designs in store and so you can try them out next to each other before you buy! It is also great when one of your bridesmaids refuses to wear pink and the other has an aversion to yellow. Just alternate or use different colours to keep everyone happy but still keeping to your colour scheme (remember this is your big day too). Give it a go and see what you can create!

Not every girl walks in 6” heels
Every bride envisages her maids gliding down the aisle before her or behind her BUT not every maid will be able to stay upright in killer, skyscraper heels. There is an increasing amount of choices for bridesmaids to consider apart from the stiletto of days past. We are talking ballet pumps, sparkly flats, barefoot sandals and even Converse! This is yet another way to personalise your bridesmaids and keep your quirks and personalities shining through on this super important day.

We have nothing against a nice heel (slight obsession) but every girl is different and forcing someone into sky-highs is no fun and they will kick them off at the earliest opportunity. Also, don't forget about terrain. Gravel, grass and cobbles are seriously zero fun unless you are a skilled heel ninja. Want to keep all your girls happy? Make sure they are all as happy and as comfortable as possible. Don't forget that their individual style and oddities are why you like them so much in the first place.

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